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Mark William Kennedy




Welcome to the home page of Mark William Kennedy,

Mark W. Kennedy, is currently Chief Technology Officer for Proval Partners SA.


Personal Profile

Mark W. Kennedy has over 20 years of diverse metallurgical experience in extractive and process metallurgy.

A member of Tekna (The Norwegian Society of Chartered Technical and Scientific Professionals), The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS), Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE). and a Licensed Professional Engineer in the Province of Ontario.

Process metallurgy/engineering consulting services are provided to the metallurgical industry.

Areas of Experience:

bullet Process engineering – Flowsheets and modeling (Metsim®), mass-energy balances, P&ID’s, instrumentation selection, process control functional descriptions, HAZOP, standard operating procedures, materials of construction, continuous improvement, technology risk managment.
bullet Finite element modelling (COMSOL® 4.2) of induction systems including magneto-hydrodynamics and computational fluid dynamics. 
bullet Induction heating Coil design, work piece power, resistance, inductance, impedance 
bullet Slag resistance furnace designPrediction of resistance, electrode sizing, transformer current-voltage range, furnace dimensioning. 
bullet Smelting technology – Slag Resistance and Induction Furnaces, Carbothermic aluminium, Spent pot lining smelting, Rotary Kiln Electric Furnace FeNi, Nickel Smelting Technology, Mitsubishi process, Noranda reactor, estimation of thermal efficiency, cooled copper block design, high intensity operation, refractory and cooling systems 
bullet Fluid particle technology – Flash drying, calcining, zinc sulphide roasters, fluid beds, cyclones, classifiers, coal milling (inert design) 
bullet Pneumatic conveying – Dense and dilute phase, pulverized coal injection (PCI) 
bullet Materials handling – Screening, belt, screw, drag, apron and pan conveyors, airslides, bucket elevators, solids metering devices, storage bins and silos, etc. 
bullet Industrial gas cleaning – ESP’s, baghouses, cyclones, acid plants 
bullet Magnesium – Magnola Process, preparation of magnesium chloride for electrolysis 
bullet Mixing and leaching – Gas dispersion, solid suspension, mass transfer, zinc oxide/ferrite leaching  
bullet Autoclave leaching – Zinc sulphide, selenium 
bullet Membrane technologyElectrodialysis, diffusion dialysis, reverse osmosis 

CV for Mark William Kennedy is available upon request.

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Contact Information

+47 92219891
Postal address
Alf Godagers Veg 6B, Sjetnemarka, 7081, Norway.
Electronic mail
General Information: m.kennedy@provalp.com
Send mail to m.kennedy@provalp.com with questions or comments about this web site.
Last modified: 10/12/2014

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