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Technology Management

A project's success depends on the correct selection of technology and the management of risk.

Incorporation of new technology into an engineering project requires special experience and skill to ensure that the commercialisation is successful.  Consequences of failure include:  late start-up, cost overruns, slow ramp-up, lack of recovery, poor quality, failure to achieve design capacity, poor economic returns (IRR or NPV).  (Risk Weighted Cash Flow.pdf).

Technology plays a key role in defining the health, safety and environmental risk profiles of the project over the life of the installed equipment.

Understanding and minimising technological risk requires thorough interdisciplinary review and senior management support for the time and expense required.

With projects from tens of millions to multi-billion dollars, it is the project management systems (e.g. Stage-Gate, Design for Six Sigma, Independent peer reviews, Risk registers, etc.), which identify, track, mitigate and control risk, not the individual human mind.

Key Benefits

bulletBetter control of budget and schedule
bulletIncreased ramp-up rate
bulletImproved control of product quality
bulletAchievement of throughput targets
bulletBetter safety for the plant workers
bulletReduced environmental emissions
bulletHigher economic returns
bulletReduced reputational risk



Extensive experience in all project phases from:  invention, lab, pilot, demonstration, feasibility, basic and detailed engineering, execution, commissioning and start-up.  Worked with many new technologies in both hydro and pyrometallurgy.  Experienced in the evaluation and management of technical risk and the commercialisation of new technology.

Technology risk review
Guide the customer through the identification, ranking, and mitigation of technological risk.
 Process design criteria
Assist the customer to create a complete and comprehensive set of process design criteria, identify operating windows (minimum, nominal and maximum values), track information sources and determine information quality and reliability.
Independent peer reviews
An independent peer review can be provided of the chosen processing technology, project management systems, quality and completeness of project documentation, etc.
Technology risk management courses
Technology risk management courses can be provided on-site, tailored to suit your company's specific requirements.

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Last modified: 10/12/2014

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