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My Current Employer

bulletProval Partners SA



bulletSalvo-Global - Facilitating company for the Johannesburg South Africa New Technology and Financial Risk Management Course of May 2012.
bullet Managing Technical and Financial Risk in a New Technology Environment - TMS course


Independent consulting firms:

bulletMacrae Technologies Inc, for copper cooling block, furnace structual and refractory designs.
bulletMettop, an Austrian engineering supplier to the metallurgical industry.

Pyrometallurgical research facilities:

bulletMefos, a Swedish pyrometallurgical research facility.
bulletMintek, a South African pyrometallurgical research facility.

Smelter EPCM:

bullet Tenova Pyromet, for copper cooling blocks and EPCM smelter packages.
bulletInteco, for copper cooling blocks, vacuum arc furnaces, electroslag refining, etc.
bulletWorley-Parsens resources and energy, for EPCM smelter packages.
bulletHatch Associates, for copper cooling blocks and EPCM smelter packages.
bulletSMS-Siemag, for copper cooling blocks and EPCM smelter packages.
bulletOutotec, for copper cooling blocks and EPCM smelter packages.
bulletDanieli Corp, for EPCM smelter packages.
bulletBateman Titaco, for EPCM smelter packages.
bulletVatvedt, for EPCM smelter packages.

Copper furnace cooling blocks:

bulletThos Begbie Holdings, for copper cooling block supply, Saveway safety systems, etc.
bullet Luvata, for copper components
bulletKME, for copper cooling block supply.
bulletFalcon Foundry, for copper components.
bulletSaar Metall, for injection lances and copper components.
bulletTermek AS, for cooling system design.
bulletNorsk Energi, for cooling system design.
bullet Copper.org, copper materials properties.

Gas-solid processing:

bulletTechnip Dorr-Oliver, FluoSolidsŪ processing technology.
bulletPolysius, for hammermill flash driers, rotary kilns and flash calciners.
bulletMaerz, for high temperature mineral processing.
bullet FLSchmidth and FFE, for high temperature mineral processing, kilns, flash calciners, etc.
bulletFCT Combustion, for kiln combustion optimisation.

Control systems:

bullet Delta V one of the worlds best control systems.
bullet Siemens System 7 another of the worlds best control systems.


bulletApplication of IEC 61508 and 61511 in the Norwegian Petroleum Industry.
bulletHealth and Safety Executive.

Project analysis and risk management:

IPA Global, independent project analysis and risk management.


bulletDr. David Knight, "From Transmitter to Antenna," including:  Electrical Theory and Inductors and Transformers, http://www.g3ynh.info/zdocs/index.html.
bulletRobert Weaver's site for Radio enthusiasts with numerical spreadsheet software useful for radio/induction coil design.
bulletFar Associates, for "multi-wave" optical pyrometers.
bulletNorsk Trafo Service, for furnace power supplies.
bulletScanArc, for plasma torches and high temperature smelting processes.
bulletMetsim, for flowsheet modelling software.
bulletElkem, a Bluestar Company, Solar Silicon, Silicon, Ferro-Silicon, Foundry Products, Carbon, etc.
bulletAlcoa, one of the world's premiere primary aluminium producers.



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